The Zuiderzee Route. The Netherlands at Its Best!

About as Dutch as you can get! Especially by bike. The Zuiderzee Route is a tour around IJsselmeer, a large lake which up until 1932, on maps and in atlases, was called Zuiderzee, a saltwater inlet of the North Sea. You will cycle on what was once the bottom of a treacherous sea; on land where the tides used to have free reign; where sailing boats carried their cargoes; where fishermen threw their nets; where a battle against the water was waged and won.

Our cycling holidays

9 days

IJsselmeer Tour without Afsluitdijk incl. Amsterdam - 9 days

  • Roundtrip 9 days, start Huizen
  • Hotels: Huizen, Amsterdam, Volendam, Enkhuizen, Lemmer, Kampen, Harderwijk
  • You cycle 31 to 63 km per day
  • Amstel, bay of Hoorn, open-air museum Zuiderzee, Markerlake

Boat trip Stavoren

Around the IJsselmeer without aflsuitdijk - 7 days

  • Roundtrip 7 days, start Huizen
  • Hotels: Huizen, Volendam, Enkhuizen, Lemmer, Giethoorn, Nunspeet
  • You cycle 31 to 63 km per day
  • Round trip Hindeloopen, Naarden & Muiderslot, Oudemirdumer klif, The Veluwe

Single Centre

Cycling Holiday Amsterdam - 4 days

  • Single Centre 4 days, based in Amsterdam
  • Hotel Neighbour’s Magnolia or Westcord Fashion Hotel
  • You cycle 24 to 58 km per day
  • Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Muiden, Haarlem, Zaanstreek

Discover the nicest places


Muiderslot (Amsterdam Castle)

One glimpse of the castle, even from afar, and you instantly fancy yourself a nobleman...


Instead of roadways Giethoorn has waterways and pathways. This was not exceptional for a farming...


The Village of Marken

A visit to Marken is like looking at an antique postcard. As if time has...