The Zuiderzee Route. The Netherlands at Its Best!

About as Dutch as you can get! Especially by bike. The Zuiderzee Route is a tour around IJsselmeer, a large lake which up until 1932, on maps and in atlases, was called Zuiderzee, a saltwater inlet of the North Sea. You will cycle on what was once the bottom of a treacherous sea; on land where the tides used to have free reign; where sailing boats carried their cargoes; where fishermen threw their nets; where a battle against the water was waged and won.

Our cycling holidays

9 days

IJsselmeer Tour without Afsluitdijk incl. Amsterdam - 9 days

  • Roundtrip 9 days, start Huizen
  • Hotels: Huizen, Amsterdam, Volendam, Enkhuizen, Lemmer, Kampen, Harderwijk
  • You cycle 31 to 63 km per day
  • Amstel, bay of Hoorn, open-air museum Zuiderzee, Markerlake

Boat trip Stavoren

Around the IJsselmeer without aflsuitdijk - 7 days

  • Roundtrip 7 days, start Huizen
  • Hotels: Huizen, Volendam, Enkhuizen, Lemmer, Giethoorn, Nunspeet
  • You cycle 31 to 63 km per day
  • Round trip Hindeloopen, Naarden & Muiderslot, Oudemirdumer klif, The Veluwe

Single Centre

Cycling Holiday Amsterdam - 4 days

  • Single Centre 4 days, based in Amsterdam
  • Hotel Neighbour’s Magnolia or Westcord Fashion Hotel
  • You cycle 24 to 58 km per day
  • Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Muiden, Haarlem, Zaanstreek

5 reasons for a roundtrip Zuiderzee

  • The best bike ride in the Netherlands
  • The ultimate “Holland feeling”
  • Extensive hotel offer
  • Luggage transport is arranged for you
  • Many additional options



Why should you cycle around the IJsselmeer?

Why should you cycle around the IJsselmeer? You will find out soon enough. The IJsselmeer conquers your heart. Dutch culture, the ever-changing landscapes, the panoramic view of the water. And of course typical Dutch villages and interesting sights. That is why we would like to introduce you to this special part of the Netherlands.

Discover the nicest places


Muiderslot (Amsterdam Castle)

One glimpse of the castle, even from afar, and you instantly fancy yourself a nobleman...


Instead of roadways Giethoorn has waterways and pathways. This was not exceptional for a farming...


The Village of Marken

A visit to Marken is like looking at an antique postcard. As if time has...