Cycle Routes

The Netherlands is the best country in the world for cycling. You can go on daytrips, a long-weekend or a tour of a week or longer. How does Cycling-by-Numbers work? Which signposted long-distance routes will you find on the shores of Lake IJsselmeer? This is where you’ll find general information to prepare for your cycling tour.
LF routes are national cycle routes perfect for multi-day cycle trips. These long-distance, cross-border routes constitute a national network of approximately 4,500 kilometres. They are signposted in two directions with rectangular white signs with green lettering. The signs show the route number, the route name and a directional arrow. The LF routes are included in the description of the tour. The Zuiderzee Tour is a combination of the LF 21, 22 and 23.

Cycling with junction routes: 
•   You will follow the numbers of the junctions and cycle from junction to junction
•   At every numbered intersection there’s a big sign with a map of the surroundings where you can see where you are and what options you have.
•   The junctions that come together are signed with white-green signs.

Practical devices

Zuiderzee Cycling gives you practical devices:
•    a map with the junctions you will find along the way;
•    a clear description of the route;
•    a map of the Tour.

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5 reasons for a roundtrip Zuiderzee

  • The best bike ride in the Netherlands
  • The ultimate “Holland feeling”
  • Extensive hotel offer
  • Luggage transport is arranged for you
  • Many additional options



Why should you cycle around the IJsselmeer?

Why should you cycle around the IJsselmeer? You will find out soon enough. The IJsselmeer conquers your heart. Dutch culture, the ever-changing landscapes, the panoramic view of the water. And of course typical Dutch villages and interesting sights. That is why we would like to introduce you to this special part of the Netherlands.